Mrs Newington leads Provision Map meetings three times a year. Class teachers and TAs review the progress of pupils against their existing Provision Maps, before meeting with Mrs Newington, Mrs Holditch and the relevant Head of School (Miss Dale or Mrs Grinstead) to identify each pupil’s next steps. Mrs Lepavous and Ms Miller join these meetings to share their expertise and experience.

Class teachers, TAs and the Headteacher may identify additional pupils who they feel might benefit from Provision Map support. Such pupils will be discussed, and appropriate support agreed.

Support may be given in a variety of ways – from a teacher, class TA, SEN TA or Family Liaison Officer; in class, small groups or 1-1; before or during school. Parents are notified of the support offered to their child by the Provision Map, which is shared and discussed with you at Parent Consultations.

Examples of support that may be offered through a Provision Map include the use of specific teaching resources and strategies, such as Dynamo Maths, various reading comprehension resources, Active Listening strategies and interventions, WordShark and the Dandelion Reading Scheme. Such strategies and resources would be discussed with and explained to you at the Parent Consultation meetings. Mrs Newington is available to join these meetings, either at the request of the parent, or if Mrs Holditch or the class teacher feel it would be in the child’s best interests for her to attend.

Often teachers and TAs will try a range of strategies, techniques and resources to support a child before identifying them as in need of additional support through a Provision Map. This is to ensure that staff have a good understanding of each pupil’s individual needs and has attempted to address them through Quality First Teaching. Such efforts might include the use of additional resources (such as a Move and Sit cushion, a fiddle toy or specific pencil grip, or ear defenders). As the use of such strategies constitutes staff making reasonable adjustments to identify and support pupils in class, parents would not necessarily be formally notified of each strategy used at this very early stage. If, however, such strategies did not have a noticeable impact on the progress or attainment of the pupil, further support would be required – hence the need for a Provision Map and for consultation with parents.