At Leybourne Ss Peter and Paul CEP Academy,  we aim to develop well rounded children who are ready both for the next stage of their education, and to play a full role in society. To this end, we have designed our wider curriculum carefully to ensure that pupils have a broad and balanced experience in school. Staff work hard to ensure that pupils experience a rich curriculum, based on powerful and transferable knowledge, delivered in a carefully sequenced way. Key skills are developed through practice and experiential learning. Full use is made of both the indoor and outdoor learning environments (including Woodland Learning), with our core Christian Values of love, trust, compassion and respect underpinning the wider curriculum.  We recognise that our school is unique and that our pupils deserve a curriculum that is both distinct and relevant to them.

Whilst our curriculum is based on the 2013 National Curriculum, we choose our topics carefully to reflect the interests of both staff and children, aiming to instill in all a passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge. Subject specialist teaching is used in some areas to support this approach. Pupils have the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways, ensuring that all learners have the opportunity to experience success. Sports and the arts, including music, are integral to life at Leybourne and we aim to celebrate and develop each child’s individual talents and abilities in all areas. Science is taught following the Kent Scheme. We are fortunate to benefit from the skills and passion of a native Italian speaker, who teaches Italian throughout the school. In addition, pupils in Key Stage 2 are taught Latin.

The five key learning behaviours of Motivation, Innovation, Perseverance, Collaboration and Reflection that we wish our “Leybourne Learners” to demonstrate, illustrate our desire to develop people with the strength and resilience to learn new things and  apply them throughout their lives, for the benefit of all.

Please follow the link below to the National Curriculum


For further information about the Curriculum, parents can either speak to their child’s class teacher or the School Office. Other members of the public may contact the School Office directly.

Religious Education
We follow the Rochester Diocese scheme of work for Religious Education. The  Diocesan Syllabus Overview is published below.

Phonics is taught through “Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised". 

Please see below for the Annual Plans for the Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two and the Progression in Writing document.  The Termly Plans for each class can be found in the individual class pages.